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tv   Action News  ABC  February 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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ble case of measles in montgomery county teen and we test aid product to keep your car running even if it runs out of gas. how can you tell? you've been staring at the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. right. $300,000 buried treasure. with 10 top prizes of $300,000. (announcer) want to see your dream come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> it has been a busy nights for firefighters from philadelphia to chester county to south jersey. departments were pressed into service in below freezing temperatures tonight. friday night jim is off i'm
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monica malpass and the big story on "action news" is fiery night in a business. home and barn full of animals burned we started with a two alarm. chopper 6 over the scene in 1600 block of folkrod street 7:30 tonight at city salvage incorporated burned to the ground. they got the inferno in the auto shop under control and no one was hurt and building appears to be a total loss. another two-alarmer this was scene tonight in tredyffrin township chester county with snow on front lawn and smoke rising through the roof. a two story stone home in 2300 block of pheasant hill lane from 7:30 to 9:00 tonight fortunately nobody was hurt and sadly several animals were killed in third fire tonight this in glosser is city can dem county a chicken and two pot bellied pigs
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died when flames broke out in a barn style shed in the 200 block of fern avenue. other animals survived. officials have not yet identified the cause of that fire. and montgomery county parents are on alert tonight after a teenager may have come down with a case of the measles. tests are being done now to confirm that diagnosis. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live tonight at county health department in norris up to and what are they telling you dann. >> monica health officials did not make anyone available to speak on camera and only e-mailed a statement. some parents and others are a bit concerned they're not saying wherein montgomery county this suspected measles case is or where the 15-year-old boy goes to school and who he's come in contact with for recent days. >> for people that don't have shots and little babies that come in contact with them it would be really bad for them. >> in a statement the montgomery county health department says the 15-year-old boy is self
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isolating at home under their guideen and this all began when the boy went to see his doctor who suspects he has the measles. the patient has evaluated and testing conducted in order to determine if this is true case of measles. specimens are being blivrd to the state public health laboratory and investigation is ongoing. >> meanwhile, dr. diane westerburg from cooper university hospital says this about meezle in general. >> as lon as quarantined and had contact with women with measles or the vaccination should be fine. the problem is when he is sxoingted to people who have not had the seetion or vaccination. >> it comes amid a peeslees outbreak in the united states with more than 100 cases reported and measles were declared completely eliminated in this country 15 years ago. measles can be serious in some cases leading to swelling of the brain and death. that is part of the reason some
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and others are concerned the health department is not giving out any information about the suspected case. >> if they're not telling you who it is i don't think that's fair. >> i'm thinking they need to be more forthcoming let everybody know what is going on and be aware and identify where this kid is so we can make sure our kids are immunized. for the record dr. wester burg of cooper is urging all parents that have not had children vaccinated do so regardless of where the suspected measles case may turn out to be in the large montgomery county. we're live in norristown. i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news". >> thank you dann. our coverage of the measles in america continues on we'll be updating any possible cases in our area. also we have posted apps to frequently asked questions about the disease. plus, a look back at the deadly 1991 out break here in philadelphia. well, two philadelphia police officers and another motorist suffered injuries in a
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pileup in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. a limo service car struck a police suv that had pulled into the intersection of large street and herbert. it's not clear if the lights siren was on and the imowe driver hospitalized and two were treatsed for minor injuries. >> it could put impending revel sale at risk. philadelphia ruled partially in favor of owners of hq night club at that casino they argue they could lose their 16 million investment if the prupscy scale goes through. but the court is still allowing sale to close on monday. the whole deal may fold however because florida developer who is buying the revel has decided to pull out if it doesn't go his way. >> be loved chester county tivrpingers for allegedly having sex with under age teen.
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35-year-old mark hossetler was charged with four incidents of stress of 17-year-old girl and it happened at the teacher's home and her home and he gave her alcohol too. hof set taught english since 1997. >> sharee williams joins us live in satellite september were moran on that. >> the public just lend her name. okay lie jean muller in 2013. her family has known about the abduction this entire time and kept quiet in hopes of negotiating get to her back. >> cayla muller is described adds citizen of the world. the arizona native went to turkey and india volunteering with aid groups. but in august of 2013. she was kidnapped in syria. >> isis.
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>> now claims she was killed by a bomb dropped by a war plane it was known that peeslees was holding one american hostage and terror group was first to reveal her identity. isis did not provide proof of her daerm and american officials say they're not able to confirm the claim. >> we do not at the present have any evidence to corroborate the claim. but obviously we'll keep reviewing the information at hand. >> jordan interior inster says isis blaming jordan for american death is "a low pr student and there's strong reasons for except sich that he died during a air strike. >> there's air strikes every day and how should they ascertain a jordanian plane dropped a bomb to destroy this building. >> claim also is mueller was alone in the building and no one else was hurt.
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>> as you can see this is multi-story. this was flattened. she is only person killed in supposed air strike. there were no guards, passer guys injured except her suggest you do not passe snow pass. >> yordz an has been bombing isis tarring nets retaliation for burning death of jordanian pilots. isis is trying to use this 120r jury of american being killed there to distract coalition forces from their mission to take out the terror group. we're live in the satellite center sharee williams. monica. >> thank you sharee. pilot error appears to have compound the the program with the plane that crashed in taiwan. after recovering black boxes investigate towards learned one of the turbo top two engines wept idle 30 seconds after takeoff. it still would have been able to fly but pilots shut down gooden jip before makeing a futile
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effort to restart. the plane crashed a minute and twelve seconds later. and our annual operation 6abc save a life is underway now in 23rd year. karen rogers emceed the event. 150 fire companies throughout the delaware valley is helping to distribute 10,000 smoke alarms donated by kita. the goal to make sure everything home has working alarms. they last ten years and need to be tested regularly. we have life saving tips, videos and details of a family safety event tomorrow. all that on >> well, red was color of the evening at the b street station in manayunk tonight. temple women go red commit tee held first annual mowtown night and proceeds from event benefits american philadelphia heart associationtion go red campaign
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which raises money for heart disease today it's a first and education for women. >> being in the spring garden section mayor nutter helped kicked off susan g. komen race of the year. it will take place in front of the philadelphia museum of natural art. >> are you looking for a job. government unemployment report had starringerring statistics about the american economy and plus putting themselves in his shoes. the man that gained national attention for 21 mile hike to work every day is now getting richly rewarded by the kindness of stranger. cecily. >> our high today reached 3 2. that's ten below normal. plenty of warm air south and west and we into this for the weekend. i'll have detail and track the next storm in the accuweather forecast. >> this claims to be the perfect solution for gas and emergency. never get stranded again.
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this will get you going. does it work? plus it says it's safe and non-flammable so you can keep in your car. >> and we fet to see kimmo timonen back on the ice after a medical scare.
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>> northwest part of the country is on flood watch in seattle. in san francisco there's been more than 100 cancellations and plans to shut down train lines. california needs 1 trillion gallons of water to recover. >> u.s. economy is showing strength of recovery.
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employers added 257,000 last month and labor department says it's far underestimated how many people got hired me november and december and total there have been more than a million new jobs created in the last three months. that is the best pace in 17 years. and the other vital factor that hourly wages rose after a percent. unemployment rose atic from 5.6 to 5.7 and that's a good sign because more than 700000 out of work americans are now confident enough to start looking for a job again. >> turbo tax is allowing folks to file state returns again tonight after a big fraud scare caused it to halt processing 24 hours. two state tax agencies were reporting spike in fraudulent filings many found out when they tried to mack a return and there
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was already someone submitting it was ah. a new products claims to come to the rescue of stranded motorists. consumer reporter nydia han put it to the test and she's if he "action news" big board with results. >> magic tank is 19.95 for half gallon bottle makers call it emergency fuel that is safe to keep in car. they say it protects your family from being van did. >> seeing this makes any driver's heart sink. no one wants to call a tow truck right the marketers of magic tank you can buy on-line say you don't to. >> if you run out of gas or have pop the bottle out pour it in and get to the next gas station. >> sounds easy enough. we take our "action news"
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vehicle to penco tech to have almost all the fuel taken out of our tank and drive around a bit until we run out completely mow the makers of magic tank claim it won't harm engine sensors or converter and it's safe to keep in your car. >> it's non-flammable fuel and essentially we've taken out all the highly flammable come bone sfwlents we test non-nrambility claims. >> obviously if you strike a match around gas it ignites let's see what happens with magic tank. >> despite the test one expert at penco tank said he would be weary of keeping it in his vehiclech the condition stand by the safety claims saying it's come bust i believe but safe to keep in vehicle as long as ten years. now seeing if magic tank lives to the claim of getting us going again.
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>> after we pour in the first half gallon bottle our car won't start. but. >> bigger cars for ours might take two bottles bottle number two. >> this time? >> the sweet sound of our ignition. >> we're going again. it worked. >> now the question is how far can we go. "action news" drove and drove and drove in the end we go ten miles and decide that's far enough. we pull into a gas station and fill her up. >> so at least some of you are considering putting magic tank in your vehicle. there's a long list of others thing that you absolutely must keep in car because of safety. they contain two roadside flares extra fuses flashlight mults eye purpose
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for a more come rehen receive list of things to keep in your car. >> a michigan man that walked 21 miles to work every day for the past ten years now has a new car thanks to the again rossty of strangeers. james robertson has been walking to work for ten years and he never missed one day. today a local car dealership surprised him with a new ford taurus when he climbed in the driver's seat he literally broke down in tears. >> whenever i step into it i will remember where i've been and where i'm going. >> how about that for great guy. in addition to new cargo fund me account raiseded more than 311,000 for him. but his friends say the donations really won't change his life. he takes it where he lives and works. what a good motivated. >> there's good people out there
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f you're sick of the wiptser coats sgle if you like to walk maybe not 21 miles but it will be nice, mild weather. >> stormtracker 6 double scan showing dry conditions tonight and it's clear and calm and cool. but not outrageously cold. the action cam looking at the kimle center tonight and skies cleared out and winds light currently out of northwest at 3 miles an hour. philadelphia 26 degrees down from high of 32. 10 below normal. allentown dropped down to 15. wilmington 5. trenton 20. sheltered in millville down to 19. satellite 6 and action radar showing dmroudz it's have really move out. if you look north and west there's more clouds that will stream in tomorrow taken won't be completely right and sunny day and hopefully mixture of clouds and sunshine. are you'll notice a difference in the air. the cold air is shipping out of
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the south tomorrow. so our afternoon high up to 45 mild afternoon. on sunday there's a front that really just stuck up to the north. and low pressure developing along that. with slow out of the south we hit 50 while northern new england and upstate new york is dealing with heavy snow. that low pressure will ride along the front and cool it down south monday. that will bring us our third messy nop a row. but kids do your homework. you're not get a snow day monday. future tracker showing the moisture is here in the form of rain and you can see a mix in northern suburbs could be sleet and freezing rain in far northwest suburbs minor issues roads warm and most areas talking about light rain with temperatures in the low 40s. as the system pulls away could have a brief change to snow by monday afternoon. but again mainly rain event. speaking of snow if you head to the poconos tomorrow cloudy and
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calm. snow showers 10:00. 21. by 3:00, 29 and sunday milder temperatures in 30s with possibility of a mix moving in, in the afternoon. def in thely be careful as you drive home. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast mild tomorrow. 45. partly sunny skies. surprised up to 50. light rain developing sunday night to monday. again possibility of little bit of mixing to north. this is really a liquid event 42. behind the system on tuesday it's breezy and we cleared things out 42. wednesday dropped down to 39. thursday arctic front blasts through. this will bring us snow showers blustery conditions. 37 the high. on thursday look temperatures on friday. 2 the high. 7 -- 22 the high and 7 the low in philadelphia and the air mass next weekend will be along.
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>> beef and beer was held tonight to help raise money to build a statue to honor native who served with iconic battalion during world war ii. they are trying" build a strat sue of him. the exploits are trauma advertised and abc mini series band of brothers died last month. >> we heard it through the grapevine that philly pops put on a great sole tonight. r & b legends like aretha franklin, tina turner, martin gay. the top spevsh answers were going to show that today. >> that jackpot higher nothing wet better wednesday. it originally rolled to 360 million. it's bumped up again to 380 mill
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because of japan. you can still buy a ticket until 9:59 tomorrow morning night and turn into drawing. 6abc the only place to
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>> this is sixers celtics didn't go that great for us. >> going to be a long sgln great. >> long season. >> the sixers look awful. completely lost. couple moments of optimism before reality sets in. no michael carter williams in this one. sixers fall behind by as many as 26 points effort poor. sixer make a run. pulls within three points. 16 points for him off the bench. sixers cam back down-to-earth hard. boston 12-2 tlun.
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leads we 22 points. sixers lose 107-96 hosting charlotte tomorrow. >> to the ice kimmo timonen will be back in due tomorrow. defenseman skated today for the first time since diagnosed. timonen is still a few weeks from playing in actual game. condition was career threatening and he's grateful he's getting another chance to get things going. >> cool. tired, excited at the same time. like i said it's been a long process last 6 8 months and i was looking forward tore this day. this is my last year. i'm going to retire my skates to my shoes like i said last time. i feel when i leave this dpaim it will be on my own terms. >> villanova show down with georgetown and hearing from herb magee on a crack at another
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>> 7 pl ranked villanova has a game at wells fargo center tomorrow against georgetown one of only two teams to beat them this season. cats will wear these uniforms to honor the championship team that beat georgetown. penn and cornell inith ka and penn wins. herb magee gets another crack at it tomorrow. philadelphia university hosts post university asthma gee looks for career win 1,000. he knows it's only natural for his players to try too hard to get that milestone. >> i talk to them about that relax don't worry about it and play basketball. we have to remove anything from their thoughts and concentrate open the game. >> you will get it eventually
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hopefully tomorrow. >> he deserves it thank you sir. >> hundreds of folks kicked up heels at a great event at tioga-nicetown section. lot of folks predict in pink, red and shout-out to upcoming valentine's holiday it offers folks were enter enter lec tuille and physical disabilities. >> "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live!” tonight -- channing tatum. from the houston texans, j.j. watt. and music from zz top. with cleto and the cletones. and now, in all honesty here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi


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